Artist : Julian Cope
Label : Faber & Faber
Format : Book
Condition : New
Released : 2013
Genre : Book Music Book
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Book: Copendium .An Expedition into the Rock 'n' Roll Underworld. By Julian Cope

736Pages . SoftCover.  Dim. 15.57 x 5.08 x 23.5 cm

Eschewing the usual criteria of chart success or acknowledged influence, the Copendium — a collection of album reviews and themed track samplers — takes energy, originality and heaviness as its bearings. The result is a feast of obscure and neglected masterworks that together form a surprising but entirely credible new tradition. Krautrock, motorik and post-punk, stoner and doom metal, occasionally even jazz, spoken word and hair metal: they are all represented in a wholly persuasive sequence. Cope is the perfect guide to this novel terrain: impeccably informed, passionate, insightful and deeply funny. Copendium is his re-imagining of a useful canon of popular music, and it is set to become required reading.

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