• Brand: Gost
  • Product Code: Gost‎–Possessor
Artist : Gost
Label : Blood Music
Format : LP - Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2018
  • EUR


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Standard black vinyl version 

Possessor isn’t a synthwave album. Possessor isn’t a metal album. In many cases, it’s barely even music. And it’s all the better for it. Possessor is the work of a person who’s lost interest in organizing sounds according to established formulas and expectations and has instead designed a listening experience rooted in sensation over convention. Gost has disregarded notions of genre and allowed himself to move into new, experimental ideas, and listeners should too. For those interested in hearing it, the album offers a meaty variety of music, both across the tracklist and within individual songs, making it the most detailed, surprising, and exciting recording Gost has produced to date. Possessor may have several recognizable genre elements in it, though the highly evolved forms of each and the use of harsh noise to fuse them together demand listeners approach it from a non-traditional perspective. Forcing the album into old music categories or expecting it to cater to customary listening logic is futile. It’s true that Gost has played a prominent role in synthwave music, first with retro synth EPs like The Night Prowler and Nocturnal Shift, then with significantly harsher darksynth creations on Behemoth and Non Paradisi, though he has once again distanced himself from his own discography by delving into a more radical form of audio art. The value of the experiment is largely dependent on the listener’s willingness to accept what is offered, though the significance of Possessor within the landscape of electronic music in 2018 is unequivocal; love it or hate it, there’s no getting around it, and its misshapen form will cast a shadow over the world of synthwave music for years to come, serving as a constant reminder of Gost’s conspicuous departure. In terms of style, Possessor contains no traces of the history of heavy metal and holds no common ground with the origins of synthwave, and it therefore falls far outside those genres. However, if genre comparisons need to be made, and they do in order to appreciate the uniqueness of Possessor, then Gost’s newest creation feels like a pastiche of the blackened, industrial-minded creations of Anaal Nathrakh, the harshilized aggrotech of Alien Vampires, and the horror synth of Gost’s past darksynth efforts, each carefully aligned alongside one another and then mangled with the deconstructive surgery of true industrial noise like Facialmess. The result is a purposeful abomination that has earned the right to be called unclassifiable, and it would be a disservice to label it otherwise.

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