Hidden History Of The Human Race

  • Brand: Blood Incantation
  • Product Code: BloodIncantation‎–HiddenHistoryOfTheHumanRace
Label : Century Media
Format : LP - Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2019
Genre : Brutal Metal
  • EUR


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Century Media black vinyl version in gatefold sleeve, including lyric sheet, booklet, poster and CD version of the album

Featuring classic 1970s artwork by Sci-Fi god Bruce Pennington, “Hidden History of the Human Race” promises to be both a meditative inquiry on the Mystery Nature of human consciousness, and a dynamic foray into the realms of progressive, brutal & atmospheric death metal, as revealed by BLOOD INCANTATION. Recorded completely analogue at World Famous Studios in Denver, CO, “Hidden History of the Human Race” expands the sonic cosmos explored on BLOOD INCANTATION’s critically acclaimed debut “Starspawn” (Dark Descent Records)

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