Come La Notte

  • Brand: WOW
  • Product Code: wow-comelanotte
Artist : WOW
Format : LP - Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2020
Genre : Electronic Pop
  • EUR


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Reissue in Black Vinyl. LP comes with insert and lyrics.
Intimacy as a sacred path, intimacy as a weapon, intimacy as a reaction, a nighttime ritual that becomes an eloquent but essential survival routine. WOW’s fifth album ‘Come La Notte’ (literally ‘Like Night’) is rooted in trying to figure out these questions, can night living keep protecting us? Is this where we can breathe fresh air and find our place in society? WOW, has always been the secret gem, one of the shiniest and most vital expressions of art coming out of Italy’s now disastrous political landscape. A reminder, if any needed, of the incredible tableau of music, cinema, experimentation, poetry and craft the ‘bel paese’ generated day in an out for years. Based in Rome and centered around the creative partnership of China Wow and Leo Non, WOW have been writing beautiful songs for years, assimilating and embodying the uncompromising spirit of their Pigneto neighborhood, the visual mesmerization and flickering lights of early Cinecittà, the ramshackle purity of rock’n’roll and primitive punk and the undeniable glory of the Italian 60’s canzone, where dream voices such as Mina and Patty Pravo were supported by otherworldly musicianship that could bring the listener to its feet with a single drum-roll. Come La Notte was not an easy process: two years of recordings, a revolving cast of musicians and an undying wish to present the band at its purest form, minimal, naked, where every single word and note is enough to paint a universe and speak some sort of existence. This is WOW today, existential intimacy, a new plan, an observation point that comes from darkness, ready to let daylight takeover just for another day.

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