Artist : Ibrahim Maalouf
Format : LP - Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2020
Genre : Nu Jazz Jazz
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Black Vinyl Reissue
In 2005, even before the release of his first album, Ibrahim began a work that seemed obvious to him. With his first album, Ibrahim had made an artistic proposal, but was far from finishing everything he had to say. And this second album was the logical sequel to the first. An evolution in the form of a question. "Should I necessarily evolve in a clear artistic direction: Oriental, or Western?" Am I compelled by my origins to take refuge in the ease of exoticism? Ibrahim asks this question through an amazing process. 2 CDs in the same album. One "Disoriental" and the other "PARADOXIDENTAL", and both treat the same query from two distinct angles. The first is the look of the Oriental on the intermingling with the west. The other is the western look on the intermingling with the Orient. This album is according to Ibrahim a research work. Far from being a culmination, he is enrolled in an artistic and intimate therapeutic approach.

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