Magic Oneohtrix Point Never

Label : Warp Records
Format : LP - Double Colored Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2020
  • EUR


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Limited Edition Double vinyl in Transparent Yellow color

There's a listless quality running throughout the record, which is unsurprising considering Lopatin produced Magic Oneohtrix Point Never between March and July of 2020. "Cross Talk IV / Radio Lonelys," a Negativland-style collage, features a couple of disembodied voices drifting from hope to cynicism: "But the country will not die. Never gonna die. It'll just have a new home, and I'm sure that home will give us space to grow. Probably wrong." The sadboi closer, tellingly titled "Nothing's Special," features the deflated lyrics, "I'm not amazed by the shimmers in the trees / Or, at least, I'm not amazed anymore." Landmark OPN tunes like "Boring Angel" or even Chuck Person's "Nobody Here" were defined by a sense of wonder and fascination with heraldic synths or the residue of pop music. Now that he's stepped behind the curtain of pop culture, rather than looking in as a curious, savvy outsider, Lopatin seems less in awe of the simulacra that defines the OPN project. On Magic Oneohtrix Point Never, he looks back to his past, attempting to reclaim the magic.

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