Where The Gloom Becomes Sound

  • Brand: Tribulation
  • Product Code: tribulation-WhereTheGloomBecomesSound
Artist : Tribulation
Label : Century Media
Format : LP - Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2021
Genre : Brutal Dark Metal
  • EUR


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Regular Edition in Black vinyl.The black 180g-vinyl edition comes with a 16-page offset paper LP-booklet in a reverse-board widespine sleeve with black inside print

Where the Gloom Becomes Sound closes out this trilogy in the realms of air and water, bright and triumphant where Down Below was tenebrous and glowering. Their time on the road with Ghost (those three bands always did seem to stick together) while touring for Down Below seems to have asserted itself over their songwriting; there is a greater sense of forwarded arena-sized melodicism, like the death metal equivalent of Journey or U2 or some absolutely enormous sounding group. These are still Tribulation songs, their taut mixture of arena rock, prog, death metal, goth rock and traditional heavy metal intact; they are just so much bigger now, like the time with Ghost whetted their appetites to have their music roared back at them by the voices of tens of thousands rather than gloomily intoned by the tens or perhaps hundreds of the club. The triumphalism and enormity of these songs is mirrored in their lyrical focus, here fixating on gods and figures of myth such as Inanna, one of the earliest gods of the archetype of Isis and Dionysus, returning enriched and broiling with magic from the watery realms of the dead.

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