Flower Of Evil

  • Brand: Susanna
  • Product Code: Susanna‎–flowerofevil
Artist : Susanna
Label : Rune Grammofon
Format : LP - Double Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2008
  • EUR


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Double Black vinyl Comes with MP3 code for downloading the album included.
Susanna Wallumrød, for the uninitiated, is one of the most incredible voices you will ever hear. The Norwegian sings in whispered jazz passages with a shimmering velvet that lays a cloak over everything, leaving you in a world filled only by her voice. With Flower Of Evil she continues her affectionate affair with classic rock cover versionsby the likes of Thin Lizzy, Nico, Sabbath and Lou Reed. She is joined on the album by Will Oldham for a pair of devastatingly good duets. The wistful duo lend a transcendent quality to the classic “Without You” and the brilliant, piano led “Jailbreak”, which evokes more than a little of the spirit of Tori Amos. For all the brilliance of the 10 covers on display here, Wallumrød´s two original contributions stand up to anything else, the haunting “Wild Is The Will” being the highlight. The mark of a great cover is when the listener believes the song to be an original, and anyone who has beed sealed in a box for the last 30 years would believe they had stumbled on one of the greatest albums ever recorded.

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