• Brand: Jenny Hval
  • Product Code: jennyhval-viscera
Artist : Jenny Hval
Label : Rune Grammofon
Format : LP - Double Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2011
  • EUR


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Double Black vinyl Cut in 45rpm
Viscera is often profoundly unsettling. It takes 64 seconds of opener 'Engines In The City' before Hval's then-hushed and languorous voice is heard yet the foreboding introduction of distant percussion, chiming, scraping and scratching at the ears is enough to last a lifetime. When the opening words escape they have the potential to take you aback. That phrase – "I arrived in town with an electric toothbrush pressed against my clitoris / after a few weeks it ran out of batteries / humming silently between my lips" – is drawn out over the course of a minute. It does not stand alone in its directness and it also encapsulates perfectly this release's essence – that of the body. Almost every bodily crevice and organ is explored. Though it is not common for music to be classified or linked with much other than the heart, this record's themes are nothing if not corporeal, approached directly and explicitly. There are numerous faces and facets to Viscera, it's a multi-headed and multi-limbed beast on which thousands of words could be written. Instrumentally, an acoustic guitar is often involved but is rarely the basis. A moving, transient ambience created through percussion, voice and other less obvious means are as large a part as any. The way the peripheral sounds bloom, peter out and persist add to the disquiet. 'This Is A Thirst' is the most strictly minimal composition but the discordant, droning atmosphere surrounding sparse, slowly-delivered sentences creates a denseness vastly different to the kind found in 'Portrait Of The Young Girl As An Artist'. That song is split almost exactly into thirds; a jittery prelude followed by the heaviest passage by far and rounded-off by a breathless static-laden slide downwards.

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