Open The Gates

  • Brand: Manilla Road
  • Product Code: ManillaRoad‎–OpenTheGates
Artist : Manilla Road
Format : LP - Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2021
Genre : Metal
  • EUR


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Regular Edition in Black vinyl.Includes 4 page insert printed on uncoated paper, A5 photo

“Open the Gates“ was originally released via Black Dragon Records in 1985. It was the first label deal Manilla Road had struck outside their own Roadster Records label. The atmosphere within the Manilla Road camp was electric. Mark “The Shark“ Shelton remembers vividly: “We were in a whirlwind of excitement. A musical feeding frenzy you might say. All of us in the band were getting along really well and the whole thing seemed to be going really smooth with a good future outlook in our heads.“ The original vinyl release on Black Dragon came with a bonus 12" single. This was probably down to the time restriction of vinyl back then. This is indeed true: “Yep, you have that correct. But I thought it was sort of cool that they went ahead and put out all the music instead of cutting tracks. It's just one of those things that when you are working with conceptual art you can't really restrict it by limiting the amount of time or number of songs that there is on a album. You have to be able to let the muse flow through you and when that is going on you just do what seems perfect for the concept and you don't even think of things like time-frame. We wanted the longer songs on the bonus EP so that they would have the best quality possible. Plus it would not have seemed right to put short songs on an extended play disc.“ As already mentioned, “Open the Gates“ was the first actual album Manilla Road released via Black Dragon. The re-release of "Crystal Logic" followed a year later (along with "The Deluge"). Sales were quite healthy recounts Mark: “'Open the Gates' sold really well for us and so did the re-issue of 'Crystal Logic' and 'The Deluge'. At that time Black Dragon was being distributed by New Rose distribution out of France and they were very far reaching and good with their efforts. Sales were much more than I expected. Especially since it seemed like France was the only place where the trade magazines were really supporting us.“ Throughout the years Manilla Raoad have become quite well-known for their concept albums. But was “Open the Gates“ actually a concept album or not? Mark explains: “It was only partly a concept album. It is mostly geared to the King Arthur legend. A few of the songs stray from the general concept but for the most part it is an album of tales about the mighty Arthur and the Sword of Power, Excalibur, and the coming and going of both.“

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