Ta Tash

Artist : Saint Abdullah
Label : Boomarm Nation
Format : LP - Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2018
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Ltd Vinyl Edition Of 300. With 3 page insert.
Powerful new sounds from Iranian duo Saint Abdullah. Following up the 2017 Boomarm debut "The Sounds of Evil Vol. 1" and their acclaimed 2018 release "The Stars Have Eyes" for NYC label PTP, Saint Abdullah bring forward Ta Tash, a stunning audio visual collection of hypnotic, thundering sounds. "Ta Tash translates as ‘To the End’ in English. It captures the essence of a sentiment during the brutal 8-year war between Iran-Iraq. To protect Iran's borders, to defend the Shia faith, the Persian civilization, at all costs. It is also quite a greedy aspiration. Where defense and offense and blind faith muddy the prospect for rational thinking, strategy, and humanity. But at the same time, perhaps this is the kind of shit that's helped Iran survive for 5000 years. Who knows."- Saint Abdullah, in conversation with Boomarm Nation (May 2018)

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