Lustful Sacraments

  • Brand: Perturbator
  • Product Code: Perturbator–LustfulSacraments
Artist : Perturbator
Label : Blood Music
Format : LP - Double Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2021
  • EUR


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Double Vinyl Regular edition in Black Vinyl
Few musicians epitomised the synthwave scene of the 2010s more than Perturbator. But all tech needs an upgrade from time to time, and Lustful Sacraments completes the reboot of his sound which began with 2017’s New Model EP. Only shadowy traces of early influences like John Carpenter remain, overwritten with techno-driven beats and a seriously moody vibe. In some respects, this is a case of swapping one form of nostalgia for another, Perturbator’s primary influences shifting sideways in time from the neon glow of sci-fi film soundtracks to the decidedly gloomier environments of ​’80s and early ​’90s post-punk and industrial. With live guitars now part of the sonic arsenal, tunes like Messalina, Messalina and the title track revel in their collision of goth riffs and early NIN energy, while The Other Place and Dethroned Under A Funeral Haze glower like Depeche Mode at their imperial best. You can practically smell the dry ice.

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