Red Hash

Artist : Gary Higgins
Label : Drag City
Format : LP - Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2021
Genre : Folk
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2021 Repress of 2008 Reissue. Comes with a bonus 7" which features tracks "Don't Ya Know" and "Last Great Sperm Whale", which were bonus tracks on the CD reissue on Drag City from 2005.

Red Hash proper consists of 11 pieces and ends with the aforementioned (Revelations-inspired?) dream quest, "Looking For June". Unfortunately, as it often goes with these sorts of reissues, the two bonus tracks aren't as powerful as the others. "Don't Ya Know" is an early 80s home recording heavy on the blues and lines about drinking whisky and playing guitar and being a long-hair. (Remember the Five Man Electrical Band via Tesla? that kind of thing...) The more ambitious "Last Great Sperm Whale"-- a 1975 studio track with bluesy slide guitar and tinny drums-- tells the story of recently freed whale who goes on an oceanic tear until he's recaptured and killed. Likely coming on the heels of Higgins' release from prison, it's a fitting allegorical finale to the reissue, but stylistically it creates a disjunct from the original Red Hash track list.

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