Not To Be Unpleasant But We Need To Have A Serious Talk O​.​S​.​T.

  • Brand: Kid Moxie
  • Product Code: kidmoxie-NotToBeUnpleasantBut
Artist : Kid Moxie
Label : Veego Records
Format : LP - Colored Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2021
Genre : Soundtrack Pop
  • EUR


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Limited Edition of 300 copies on Transparent Pink Vinyl

The soundtrack of the movie ‘Not To Be Unpleasant, But We Need To Have A Serious Talk’ to music by Greek creator Kid Moxie, is released remastered for vinyl, in 300 pink copies, 180 gr. A wide range of sounds and moods with rich orchestration and synthesizers to dominate give a multicolored backdrop to this dark drama.

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