• Brand: Karl Runau
  • Product Code: KarlRunau–Osmose
Artist : Karl Runau
Label : Galakthorrö
Format : LP - Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2021
  • EUR


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Limited Edition of 426. Remastered and redesigned second edition. Osmose was initialy released in 1994.
Today, Karl Runau's first album "Osmose" is a rarity, and anyone wanting to buy one will have to pay a small fortune for it. Anyone with no previous knowledge of Karl Runau, and who heard "Wet Dream" from this record for example at an Industrial-Dance evening for the first time, would not forget it because of its minimalism and its tangible depth of emotion. After "Osmose" Karl Runau progressed away from his initial "industrial sound", into severely reduced electronic constructs. On the one hand they appear technical and cool, and on the other they seem strangely imperfect and human. This curious mixture unfolds on hearing into a quite unique atmosphere. Karl Runau's music possesses character, is very individual and unconventional. It is very difficult to categorise, it is experimental but not exclusively so. It has an ambience, yet it has more than that. There are vocals in it but not all the time. The best thing to just immerse yourself, and Karl Runau will open a futuristic nightmare land for you, one that completely takes you over and makes any other mind-expanding medium for getting "spacey and freaky" as others might say, unnecessary. A good introductory tip is "Driven By Instinct" on the Kosmoloko sampler, this together with "Hope For Your Understanding" was Karl Runau's last sign of artistic life up till now. Today Karl Runau lives in the vicinity of Munich, and prefers the life of the father with family. Whether or not he will find time to make music, is questionable, but not impossible. We shall have to wait and see.

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