Format : LP - Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2017
Genre : World Music Folk
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Regular edition in Black vinyl

If asked to imagine a collaboration between Tamer Abu Ghazaleh, Maryam Saleh and Maurice Louca, three of the most innovative and consistently exciting artists in the Egyptian and Middle Eastern music scene, one might be hard pressed to settle on an idea. Each to their own, these artists are dynamic boundary pushers; when you combine the three of them, you get something absolutely intelligent and worthy of serious attention.A brilliantly creative and dynamic work on Mostakell Records, Lekhfa epitomises the concept of a “collaboration.” It doesn’t feel like any of the three artists monopolise the sound, but rather engage in a creative dialogue that weaves facets of their individuality into a dazzling web of sound. The process of creating Lekhfa took the collaborators through a span of three years and various locales, assembling originally in Cairo, again in Amman, Alexandria and Beirut. The album is a conglomeration of a massive expanse of vocals and instrumentation, including buzuq, mizmar, oud, synths, slide guitar and harmonium among many others that result in a blend that sounds at once ancient and futuristic.

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