• Brand: Voka Gentle
  • Product Code: VokaGentle–Writhing!
Artist : Voka Gentle
Label : leafy outlook
Format : LP - Colored Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2021
Genre : Experimental Folk
  • EUR


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Limited Edition in Colored Vinyl.There're two inserts: one with lyrics and one information about vinyl production.

Operating on a plane between avant-garde indie, bubbling electronica and cosmic psychedelia, London group Voka Gentle have an addictive, amorphous sound. A three limbed beast made up of twins Ellie and Imogen Mason and William J. Stokes, each is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer with an imperious understanding of three dimensional sound. The newest single ‘Necrofauna / The Garden of Eden’ - features Wayne Coyne from The Flaming Lips. The hallucinatory mix of squelching synth bass and rhythmic samples, three-tiered harmonies playing off against William’s sprechgesang, and a cutting, full-bodied drum beat is reflected in the oneiric themes.

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