Form Grows Rampant

Format : LP - Double Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2022
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Printed on inside out heavy 350g cardboard, Audiophile 180g vinyl cut at 45rpm with the Half Speed Mastering technique, edition of 1000 BLACK VINYL. Gatefold sleeve features stills from the movie in chronological order .Includes original liner notes by Peter Christopherson.

The Threshold HouseBoys Choir was a project by Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson. Operating out of Bangkok, Thailand, the Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV founding member started this audio and visual endeavour after Coil’s conclusion. Despite the name, it was a solo project relying heavily on computer generated vocals. The name was derived from a play on words, combining the terms houseboy, house of boys, boys' choir, and Threshold House, which was Coil’s own label. "Form Grows Rampant" is the soundtrack of a film shot by Christopherson (a video capture at the GinJae Vegetarian Festival in the south of Thailand) and his first major musical project since the tragic death of John Balance and Coil’s subsequent demise. The music is a suite of lengthy dense atmospherics that combine shuddering electronics with sampled vocals, eerie digitalia, buried melodies and sinister undercurrents hinting at a gleaming heart of darkness, with a joyful melodic progression that sounds positively triumphant towards the end of the album. It's both Coil-esque and quite different, and is undoubtedly the worthy successor of the essential project that Christopherson created with his partner John Balance. First released in small quantities in 2007 as a mixed CD/DVD set, this is the first time it is released on vinyl, CD, and digital. This reissue has been mastered from original files by Sidney Claire Meyer at former Deutsche Grammophon studios Emil Berliner in Berlin, using the half speed mastering process, and pressed on heavy vinyl at 45 RPM. Limited Edition of 1000. Printed on inside out on heavy 350g cardboard. Gatefold sleeve features stills from the movie in chronological order (Warning: contains explicit graphic images depicting religious devotees in trance-like states, tongue slashing, partial skinning, impaling through cheeks, ears, etc). Includes original liner notes by Peter Christopherson.

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