Vae Vobis

Artist : Zombie Zombie
Format : LP - Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2022
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Regular Edition in Black Vinyl
Zombie Zombie is fifteen years old, or 90 years in group-years (multiply by six: more than a cat, less than a dog). That would have been enough to rest on their laurels, with an Old Fashioned in each hand. But no: they went for full-on fat and reverberated doom orgy. Choirwork hints at the arrangements of David Axelrod or Ennio Morricone, with chanted syllables that they scatter 33+8 - style on several titles (Lacrymosa, Consortium). This albums gambles hard. Decidedly, Vae Vobis is not your average 122 bpm banger party, although we are looking forward to seeing what a DJ can do with Nusquam and Ubique on a drunk crowd in tie-and-dye gowns. It's a well-balanced album, worth listening to in one go, to let each trap-of-a-track work its magic. E.g. Ring Modulus, which, under its strong structure, houses extended-vocal-technique ornaments. Or Aurora, a megalomaniac jewel cut to open the circus games. The brass section of Dr Schönberg and Etienne Jaumet plays it peplum style, along martial percussions banged on by big dudes in leather sandals. To measure the excess, we must take seriously these pleasure palaces (as one calls those houses for which the architect was told "carte blanche, fuck my shit up"). A disruptive album after more than ten years at Versatile Records ? An oddity born in the anxiety-fueled lockdown ? No matter: there's everything we love about Zombie Zombie, starting with their musical know-how. We thought they'd hired a bass player on Erebus, and nope, synth again (SH-101). The ubiquitous vocoders are pushed to their limits. Sax, trumpet and percussion come and add color to the record, whose cover, gently apocalyptic and serene, is signed by Druillet / Avramoglou.

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