• Brand: Hijokaidan
  • Product Code: Hijokaidan–Modern
Artist : Hijokaidan
Label : Urashima
Format : LP - Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2021
  • EUR


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 Limited Edition of 299 copies. Comes in a gatefold cover. Reissue & Remastered

Exquisitely pressed with fully remastered for this vinyl edition by Nobuki Nishiyama, that bring as well as possible on analogue format the stunning original audio master, and released in a beautiful double LP gatefold to fully enjoy the amazing photos formerly featured on the CD, with the iconic group photo reprinted inside the gatefold and the baffling close-up on the back. As essential and historically significant as archival releases, Modern is truly incredible from start to finish, so immerse yourself in this final exploration of one of the longest continually existing and the most fascinating noise bands that ever was. Available in an edition of just 299 copies, this one isn’t going to sit around for long. Easily among 2021’s most essential releases, grab it while you can.

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