The Enemy Is Listening

  • Brand: Junta Cadre
  • Product Code: JuntaCadre–TheEnemyIsListening
Artist : Junta Cadre
Label : Total Black
Format : LP - Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2022
  • EUR


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 Limited Edition Black Vinyl Includes 8 page A4 colour booklet.

Following the red thread of history that wove its way through the 20th century, Junta Cadre previously targeted the development and overtake of Communism throughout China and South-East Asia. Now, the iron-sights are set on the era of the red scare and Cold War - “The Enemy is Listening” draws heavily from personal research and reading, aiming to document the years of paranoia, intimidation, and political terror of Soviet Communism, and its tense relationship with the United States. Recorded directly after “Vietnam Forever”, this debut LP picks up sonically where the previous full length left off, introducing the most massive and expansive sound for the project so far. With the help of featuring artists Deterge, Striations, and Death Kneel, “The Enemy is Listening” delivers oppressive synth lines, scathing vocals, crushing noise, and meticulous sampling. Keep it to yourself, the enemy wants to know what YOU know.

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