Artist : Amnon Raviv
Label : Paradigm Discs
Format : LP - Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2022
Genre : Experimental
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Limited Edition in Black Vinyl.Comes with 12 x 12" insert. Numbered edition of 500.

Originally released in Israel in 1983 and only available in a handmade edition of just 50 copies. As such, this edition is the first widely available issue of this LP, making it available to an audience beyond the few hardened collectors who got to hear this strange experimental record back in the 80s. There’s nothing else quite like it from that era, let alone from Israel, although it does have some parallels with earlier avant garde/outsider music from the US and Europe. It may well be the strangest, as well as one of the most obscure records to ever come out of Israel. The instruments used are flamenco and acoustic guitar, flute, violin and sax. Some of the playing is free form and some is complex notation, but all the tracks contain collages of effects and noisy field recordings which often dominate the picture - bubbling water, a chicken farm, feedback, transistor radio, metal percussion, vacuum cleaner, etc. There are some comparisons to be made with Anal Magic and Rev Dwight Frizzell’s “Beyond The Black Crack” from 1976 (also reissued on Paradigm), “Mirror” has a similar wild and fried atmosphere sitting amidst the open sonic spaces, coupled with some skilled instrumental playing. A notable difference with the Frizzell is that Frizzell’s pieces are always titled. The 6 pieces here are all untitled. Amnon Raviv is still active as a musician, but he also holds a PhD in medical clowning and his main work these days is as a medical clown, incorporating smiles and laughter as a therapy to help recovering patients on Tel Aviv’s cancer wards. This edition comes with new artwork showing Raviv working as a performance artist on the streets of Amsterdam in 1984. The insert replicates the original artwork from one of the 50 unique sleeves and contains liner notes by the artist that give insights into the concept behind this album. Mirror is available in an edition of 500 numbered copies.

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