• Brand: Krokofant
  • Product Code: Krokofant-Fifth
Artist : Krokofant
Label : Rune Grammofon
Format : LP - Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2021
  • EUR


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Regular edition in Black Vinyl
Ever since this expanded line-up of Krokofant released their first album “Q” two years ago, there´s been an unanimous request for a follow-up by writers and fans alike. UK´s Prog magazine concluded their “Q” review with “This expanded line-up is said to continue. It should do, they have something very special”. And here it is, if possible, an even finer album! Thus the expanded Krokofant is everything a progressive jazz and rock fan could wish for; positive energy, melodic riches, excellent musicianship and a touch of magic served with a healthy respect for the past and a foot in the future. Guitarist Tom Hasslan´s tunes are perfect vehicles for Ståle Storløkken to present the full scope of his playing; from sheer pastoral beauty to full on jazz skronk. The same can be said about Mathisen, who is given ample room for soloing as well as laying down some amazing unison interplay with the guitarist. The tunes are rich in harmonic structures and melodic hooks, but there is also room for adventures into more free passages.

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