Sonic Prayer

  • Brand: Earthless
  • Product Code: earthless-sonicprayer
Artist : Earthless
Format : LP - Colored Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2022
  • EUR


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Limited Edition in Colored Red Vinyl. Reissue & Remastered. Limited to 500 copies

Earthless are a band from San Diego, ca with Mario R. drummer of Clikatat Ikatowi (Gravity) and Hot Snakes (Swami), and Mike E. on bass from Electric Nazarene (Slowdance), and Isaih M. a touring member of Nebula, on guitar. They play 20-30 minute, loud, epic songs. Producing a bombastic stew of druggie bass drone, pulsating rhythmic sex beats, and brain piercing acid flashback guitar leads. Earthless draw influences from bands such as the Groundhogs, the Heads, Amon Duul2, Black Sabbath, Hawkwind and Jimi Hendrix's more freaked out instrumentals.

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