Irony Is A Dead Scene

Label : Epitaph
Format : LP - Colored Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2022
Genre : Prog Brutal Metal
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6th 12" pressing, released 2022 by Epitaph in Limited Colored Vinyl

A collaboration between Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Fantomas,) and The Dillinger Escape Plan, this four song EP is a wildly progressive amalgam of musical styles that combines the feral intensity of hardcore, the technical precision of metal, mind-boggling tempo changes and sonic textures usually associated only with experimental electronic music. "Irony Is A Dead Scene" pushes the limits of speed, composition and complexity. Perhaps the most extraordinary track is a cover of Aphex Twin's "Come To Daddy" which brilliantly and significantly serves to blur the distinction between "electronic" and "live" music.

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