Artist : Ozric Tentacles
Label : Madfish
Format : LP - Double Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2022
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Remastered Edition in Double Heavyweighted Black Vinyl

"Epsongs" is that first cassette, and for a home made affair, this is quite a decent album. Certainly the production is a bit messed up in places, and it has its share of throwaway filler, but this album proves that they were already making great space rock, with the ever wild guitar work of Ed Wynne, and great spacy synths from Joie Hinton and Tom Brookes. Ed's not the only one handling guitar here, as Gavin Griffiths is the other guy handing guitar too. Also we get future Jamiroquai drummer Nick Van Gelder (aka. Tig). "Erpsongs" is a wonderful historical item, but things will only get better, that is, their following cassette releases, and their more polished official label releases. If you're a newcomer, don't start here, but if you're a fan, you shouldn't go without.

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