Dear Shore

Artist : Tango Mangalore
Label : Fabrika Records
Format : LP - Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2017
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limited to 500 copies, includes download link, innersleeve with lyrics.

Tango Mangalore is an one man project of a sole sailor from Athens,Greece that focuses on the obscure and bizarre folklore around the world of the Sea.Driven by maritime curiosities,the morbidity of the Sea itself and its numerous tales,the sailor narrates weird oceanic tales in a loosely based synthesizer music of a spooky,lonesome,dramatic,mutant, theatrical and often self sarcastic atmosphere with a touch of cynical black humor and naughty-cal romance. "Dear Shore" it's his 2nd full Album and it is more or less a letter of protest...a letter of hate if you wish,against the tombstone which many seamen refer to as shore.With a rather odd and agitated mixture of 9 horrid tracks of dark minimal synth and synth-punk dynamics,occasional new romantic fixations and dark cinematographic cabaret atmospheres,it tells the tale of a sailor who became a friend with the night and slept with the Sea so as to be reborn in a new cleansed spirit.A tale about a seaman once filled with human desires who considered the Sea as his afterlife and died at will so as to experience the glory of the aquatic existence.A man so far away from everything who's life was not linear anymore.Upon the time of his return...Will he withstand the great overwhelmer or is his spirit destined to wither among the undead that wonder the Shore? Recorded during the earthly years 2016-2017 both at the Indian Ocean and the Shore.

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