Future Chorus

Artist : Various Artists
Label : Hypermedium
Format : LP - Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2022
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Limited Edition in Black Vinyl.Comes in in triple heavyweight gatefold sleeve. Limited to 200 copies

In Western culture, voice without speech is irrational and dangerous. Both in myth and history, those voices must be contained or prohibited because of the threat they pose to the social order. Female, animal, artificial and inanimate voices, lamenting, screaming, dreaming, mumbling. Fugitive voices, entangled in a parallel ‘nonhuman history’ devise a chorus yet to come. Future Chorus is based on a collection of readings, spoken word, nonlinguistic sound, poetry, MCing, cello and animal sounds — made by Abbas Zahedi, AGF, Elaine Mitchener, Eleni Ikoniadou, Jordan Edge, Joshua Leon, Lunatraktors, Ruth McGill, Sukitoa O Namau and Viki Steiri. The material was combined with machine learning processes — by Mohab Tarek — for the artificial generation of a new voice speaking a nonhuman language. The vocal database and AI voice became the raw material for five remixes — by AGF, Chino Amobi, Harrga, Savvas Metaxas, Trustfall and Lafawndah. This release is a collaboration between Hypermedium and MAENADS. Created by Eleni Ikoniadou in collaboration with Anne Duffau and Aphroditi Psarra, MAENADS is a platform for collective projects, sonic, visual, performative or text-based, unleashing works that seek to inhabit polyphonic narratives, other worlds and subjectivities, group joy.

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