Beloved! Paradise! Jazz!?

  • Brand: McKinley Dixon
  • Product Code: McKinleyDixon–Beloved!Paradise!Jazz!
Artist : McKinley Dixon
Label : City Slang
Format : LP - Colored Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2023
Genre : Nu Jazz Hip Hop Pop
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Limited Edition in Colored Vinyl #best2023
Richmond, Virginia rapper McKinley Dixon broke out in 2021 with For My Mama and Anyone Who Look Like Her, a lush collection of expansive jazz-rap tracks that made great use of his elastic flow. From bar to bar, he could shift gears from laconic and unbothered to tense and tetchy; the album’s improvisation-heavy production let Dixon stretch out and play, ducking and weaving through wandering upright bass and noodling horns.Dixon’s fourth album tightens its lens: skipping by in 30 minutes, its songs possess a renewed urgency and velocity. But his writing is more literary and exploratory still. Beloved! Paradise! Jazz!? (named after three of Toni Morrison’s most celebrated works) provides an embarrassment of imagistic riches: a king “ripping gold flickering flesh / Off his finger pads”; a sign in a bodega reads “‘What does your life entail?’ / Damn.” Dixon pays tribute to his hero Morrison – who he describes as “the greatest rapper of all time” – with this linguistic curiosity, uttered in his warm, often reedy, voice.

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