Artist : Pupil Slicer
Format : LP - Colored Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2023
  • EUR


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First Press in Colored Molten Gold vinyl. Limited to 1250 Copies.

Pupil Slicer really shook things up in 2021. While undeniably a slab of Converge-meets-Dillinger core with a nice dose of Botch, the trio’s debut Mirrors was a tour-de-force of grindy intensity, a neat balance between heart and callousness, and a marvel of songwriting. Songs like “Husk,” “Collective Unconscious,” and “Wounds Upon My Skin” still get regular plays in the Hollow household,1 with mad mastermind Kate Davies’ frantic vocals, insane axework, and boundary-pushing ideas taking center stage. As its name suggests, Mirrors was ultimately an autobiographical work, Davies carving out their own name and image upon the jagged surface of mathcore. With as roaring of a success as Mirrors was, what can we expect from its follow-up? To their credit, the London trio takes Blossom to a whole new level, reflecting their maturation as a forerunner of the contemporary “sasscore” movement. Abandoning the autobiographical concepts of their debut in favor of an exploratory narrative inspired by literature, video games, cosmic horror, and science fiction, Pupil Slicer offers a sound that is as wide-ranging as the story contained, drawing influence from acts like Nine Inch Nails, Deftones, Deafheaven, and Radiohead, alongside the mathcore stalwarts. You’ll discover Blossom more atmospheric, groovy, and limber – a different breed of punishing compared to the relative uniformity of the mechanical Mirrors. While its reach exceeds its grasp periodically and some trademark intensity is lost in the fray, the fluidity of Blossom reminds listeners why Pupil Slicer is at the top of the mathcore scene.

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