• Brand: Mega Drive
  • Product Code: megadrive-199XAD
Artist : Mega Drive
Label : FiXT
Format : LP - Double Colored Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2023
  • EUR


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Double LP Colored Vinyl - Vinyl includes 3 Bonus Tracks including Previously Unreleased "Iron Fist" - Digital Download of Original 199XAD included with purchase

In 2014, Mega Drive released the visionary 198XAD, a darkly cybernetic piece of audio horror that quickly became a cult classic. The recording found spots on lists of the best dark synthwave albums and earned respect from critics, fans, and creators alike. Not content to rest on past successes, Mega Drive proceeded to push into new and increasingly diverse ideas on subsequent releases. For five years, 198XAD stood as a unique and unrivaled sci-fi creation at the origin point of synthwave’s dark side. Now, Mega Drive has returned to the dystopian world of his most acclaimed work with a direct sequel, 199XAD. Fans will immediately be drawn back into the densely woven, detailed environment of the original, as Mega Drive displays an impressive versatility across 12 exceptional tracks. Each one offers a glimpse into a different corner of Mega Drive’s inspired vision of the retrofuture, as 199XAD expertly shifts from the searing artillery fire of "Gun Hag" to patiently atmospheric and cinematic pieces like "Terror Eyes." The result will thrill long-time Mega Drive fans and revive memories of 199XAD’s epic predecessor while those who are new to the artist will find the latest album to be the perfect jumping-on point. 199XAD promises to be one of Mega Drive’s most highly regarded and talked about recordings yet.

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