50 Years

Label : Tzadik Records
Format : LP - Double Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2023
Genre : Jazz Nu Jazz
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Limited Edition in Double Black Vinyl

The Doncaster Jazz Alumni (DJA) mark the golden anniversary of the Doncaster Youth Jazz Orchestra (DYJO), showcasing the remarkable journey and enduring legacy of its founder, John Ellis MBE, as well as their own individual and collective achievements. 50 Years was recorded with a special intention to try and help support students at the Doncaster Youth Jazz Association (DYJA). As proud Doncaster Jazz Alumni and former members of the association, their shared passion for jazz and the community is a motivating factor to give back to the next generation of talented musicians. While DJA operate independently from DYJA, their core values remain intertwined, and DJA remain steadfast in their commitment to support the Association’s current students. As a result, DJA aim to donate a substantial portion of the proceeds from the sales of this album to help inspire and assist these young musicians. DJA is most grateful for the public’s support of this project, which will have a direct and meaningful impact on empowering young musicians' lives, allowing them to pursue their musical ambitions.

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