All That Divides

  • Brand: Black Peaks
  • Product Code: blackpeaks-allthatdivides
Artist : Black Peaks
Label : Rise Records
Format : LP - Colored Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2018
Genre : Prog Rock Metal
  • EUR


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First Limited edition in Blue/White Vinyl

Black Peaks push the boundaries with their sophomore effort; crafting a near-perfect masterpiece with complex compositions and brilliant vocals demonstrating a more mature, refined sound.All the Divides shines lyrically and musically, with brilliant riffs, complex drums and thoughtful vocals. Everyone in the 4-piece gets their skills appreciated, especially with the rhythm section lending itself to the album more than on their debut; it really makes the album feel more complete combined with the great production on each track. It is a complete triumph, blowing Statues out of the water and demonstrating a new, more refined sound for Black Peaks, though without a loss of edge or heaviness. Their debut was great, but this effort could just cement Black Peaks as not just an amazing band, but a staple in their genre.

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