Red Goddess (Of This Men Shall Know Nothing)

  • Brand: Hawthonn
  • Product Code: Hawthonn–RedGoddess
Artist : Hawthonn
Label : Ba Da Bing!
Format : LP - Red Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2018
  • EUR


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Limited edition run of 500 LPs pressed on red wax. Comes in a textured jacket with liner notes insert.

The music of Hawthonn is dense and atmospheric, but not inaccessible. Experimental electronic techniques fuse with doom-laden organ riffs, crystalline piano, elemental drones and haunting vocals. Largely guided by their own unconscious muse, the band’s chief inspirations lie outside of music, in Romantic poetry, dreams and reveries, esoteric symbolism, the history of magic and witchcraft, folklore and the English landscape.

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