Label : 130701
Format : LP - Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2018
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Eighteen months on from his last new release, Vancouver-based singer / composer Ian William Craig returns with an album-length release that collects together eleven new tracks. Entitled 'Thresholder', the record sees Craig return towards the smudged and scoured beauty of his 2016 opus, 'Centres', a record which was universally acclaimed, making many end-of-year lists – including the likes of Rolling Stone, Uncut, The Wire, The Quietus, The 405 and Drowned In Sound. 'Thresholder' is released on vinyl and digital formats, with the former packaged in gorgeous inner / outer sleeve artwork from Ian. Recorded, produced and mastered by Ian William Craig himself, the origins of these tracks span a period from 'A Turn of Breath' to 'Centres'. Some were recorded at Ian's old studio on Vancouver's UBC campus, some at home, and one even recorded on tour in a giant secret underground cistern in Sweden. The original impetus for the record came out of sessions for some commission work which was based on concepts of quantum physics, black holes and space. As Ian explains, "this was the lens through which the tracks were assembled: a great boundlessness of space, the sound of the big bang, the spookiness of the quantum world, vacillations of different kinds of conflicting time. I started by making a 20-minute piece that was just stitching together the sound of the decks and the equipment as they went about their business, almost like one was wandering through the different parts of a spacecraft. I then used this piece to coax together the rest of the tracks, envisioning the whole thing as a single 40-minute space which would become the soundtrack of being held in place by a great unknowable force while still being able to meander through the chaos and beauty of that expanded instant." Of its compilation, Ian notes that "I thought this was an appropriate place to bring all of these disparate but full moments together... like memories from different times and places flashing fuzzily before one's eyes, the lonely explorer meeting their end in grand fashion." His beautiful cover artwork featuring a seemingly random selection of found objects is an appropriate reflection of this accumulating: "all of the objects were collected during significant times over the years, and are talismans of the places from which they came. Little Proustian expansion devices - all arranged in the blackness of space. I think mostly all of the music I make is to contemplate the beautiful doom, forces beyond us, celebrations of our inevitable deterioration."

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