Amazing Grey

  • Brand: Vassilikos
  • Product Code: Vassilikos-AmazingGrey
Artist : Vassilikos
Label : Inner Ear
Format : LP - Colored Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2019
Genre : Electronic Pop
  • 19.90€


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Limited edition of 100 copies in Grey vinyl. Download coupon of the album included

2019 finds Vassilikos getting ready for the release of his most personal project to date. ‘’Amazing Grey’’, a seemingly pop album but with obvious dark underlays is his first solo album consisting of his own, original songs. Mainly created with the use of electronic audio toolkits, still, not lacking core organic elements like guitar, bass and drums. Speaking about the new record, Vassilikos says: ‘’Every word and phrase on these songs are thoughts that were floating in my head for years but never shared with anyone. Some are dark, some are positive and joyful. The idea of self-healing helped me dress my dark disposition with uplifting sounds. Grey can be amazing.‘’

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