Bastard Vinyl Tote Bag

Artist : Bastard Vinyl
Format : Tote Bag
Condition : New
Released : 2019
Genre : Brutal
  • EUR


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Bastard Vinyl Tote Bag. White Fabric with Silk screened print. Long handles

White Fabric Silk screened Tote bag. // Suitable mainly for carrying records and make others jealous. // You can also save the forests and carry groceries in this bag (disclaimer: please don't carry huge watermelons) // You can carry books, personal items, clothes , food for picnics , a shitload of money , your personal notes // If you are an artist you can carry your brushes , buckets (small) , canvases , some juggling balls maybe // Please don't carry: Bricks , stones from the seashores (save the planet -don't be a dick, leave the sand where it belongs) , bloody body parts , records with shitty music // You can use this bag even for carrying an amazing amount of CDs. But who does it right? // Explicit Disclaimer : Please Don't Carry in vertical position: Pizza // You can also just carry this beautiful tote bag and brag about your taste in general. After all who wants to carry stupid heavy things? (vinyl excluded)

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