Gold & Grey

  • Brand: Baroness
  • Product Code: Baroness‎–Gold&Grey
Artist : Baroness
Label : Abraxan Hymns
Format : LP - Double Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2019
Genre : Metal
  • EUR


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Standard edition Includes Download Code, Lyric Booklet, and Printed inner Sleeves

Gold & Grey is ambitious and very personal. Although the Philadelphia-based quartet are generally tagged as metal or progressive rock, it has Philip Glass-like, repetition-based instrumentals (Sevens), banks of choral vocals, ambient sections, orchestrations, spacey krautrock jams (Can Oscura), gentle pianos, strummed acoustic guitars and wistful vocals. When it rocks, they wield edgy power pop riffs, chanted vocals reminiscent of Killing Joke and buckets of emotion. Given a gently psychedelic focus by Flaming Lips’ producer Dave Fridmann, somehow it hangs together, unfolding like a journey. New guitarist Gina Gleason’s harmonies bring yet another texture and combine well with sole original member John Baizley’s impassioned frets about the planet and himself. “We’re heading for disaster,” he yells on opener Front Toward Enemy. Mental health struggles seem to inform I’d Do Anything and Baizley’s cathartic yells of “I am scared to be alone” and “I’d do anything to feel alive again.” Their travails have produced an epic, ambitious collection that is beautifully beatific, purifying and uplifting.

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