Silver Tongues

  • Brand: Crows
  • Product Code: Crows–SilverTongues
Artist : Crows
Label : Balley Records
Format : LP - Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2019
Genre : Pop Rock
  • EUR


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Regular edition in black vinyl

Crows feel like they’ve been a band forever when in reality they only formed four years back. I think the reason for my thinking is due to the fact that they’ve made their short time as a band count. After relentless touring and a string of solid EP releases, the London foursome finally signed to Balley Records, an upcoming label ran by man of the moment Joe Talbot (of Idles fame). With things constantly moving in the right direction, Crows are ready to unveil their debut album and as a band that always give us both barrels, consider us prepared to delve in deep. The albums title track is an explosive opener that comes crushing down with this stonking stoner style riff. It’s five plus minutes takes you through multiple time switch ups, a bellowing rhythm section, screeching guitars and intense vocals on the knife edge. It’s a thrilling start that leaves us with the question of where the band will take us next. The simple answer is – everywhere. There’s quite a lot of different sounds and ideas that are worked into this album, all bound together with a sense of togetherness. It’s the tightness of the band and conviction in their performances that brings these songs together for a strong set.

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