• Brand: Heilung
  • Product Code: Heilung‎–Futha
Artist : Heilung
Label : Season Of Mist
Format : LP - Double Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2019
  • EUR


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Comes in gatefold cover sleeve with gold hot-foil printings and with printed inner sleeves. Double Black vinyl.

With the epic new album Futha, the enigmatic HEILUNG return with their signature Amplified History. A counterbalance to their rugged debut Ofnir, Futha reveals a more melodic and beautiful side of the mysterious ensemble. Their primeval musique concrete blends ancient Germanic tongues, lush geophonic recordings (crackling fires, breaking ice), and the percussive thunder of archaic weaponry (swords, shields, arrows) into a reverential ceremonial experience. HEILUNG are in a class all their own, and Futha is an entrancing masterstroke of profound worldly music.

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