Age Of

Label : Warp Records
Format : LP - Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2018
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Regular edition in black vinyl

Oneohtrix Point Never's ninth album is not a concept album, though it deals, variously, with the rise and fall of man, an allegorical story by the French writer François Rabelais and a plot about omniscient AI or aliens who want to be as dumb as humans. On Age Of, he also reinterprets a demo he made for Usher and works with ANOHNI, Kelsey Lu, Prurient and James Blake. Dan Lopatin retreated to an egg-shaped house in Massachusetts to make dense, proggy electronic music covering multiple concepts inspired by the endless digital torrent. "Your music is so highly informed by media and consuming media," he recently told Rolling Stone. "You want someone to be a surrogate for you in terms of how your internet addiction might manifest itself productively, I am your guy." Even as he's distanced himself from the notion of a concept album, Lopatin originally crafted Age Of's 13 tracks as a chronicle of four epochs depicting the Anthropocene. James Blake did away with that. "If it weren't for James Blake being like, 'Shut the fuck up with your shit,'" Lopatin told Red Bull Radio. "'Save that for your cute little opera. This is an album' … There's traces of me trying to do that and then traces of James being like, 'No.'"

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