Artist : Flying Lotus
Label : Warp Records
Format : LP - Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2019
  • 26.90€


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Regular edition in black vinyl

Flying Lotus is now effectively his own genre. Since his debut full-length, 2006's 1983, the artist, born Steve Ellison, has mined the middle ground between cosmic African-American music and the technical trickery of Warp forebears like Squarepusher, tipping his hat to video games and anime along the way. As well as being critical catnip, Ellison's music is surprisingly palatable to mainstream audiences. On a typical tour date, he's hauled his synapse-frying AV show into theatres rather than clubs. In his hometown of Los Angeles, Ellison has played with friends and heroes to packed crowds in the 17,000-capacity Hollywood Bowl. The albums he's made in the last decade—Cosmogramma, Until The Quiet Comes and You're Dead!—opened up listeners to parallel worlds filled with astral travelling, DMT dreaming and purgatorial tours. His latest LP, Flamagra, integrates everything in his oeuvre to date, showing how Ellison can swerve between lanes while still remaining in a vehicle easily identifiable as his.

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