• Brand: SUNN O)))
  • Product Code: SunnO)))–pyroclasts
Artist : SUNN O)))
Label : Southern Lord
Format : LP - Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2019
  • EUR


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Black Vinyl, heavyweighted, AAA Recorded and mixed on magnetic tape. Mastered and cut on a pure analogue path. With obi strip

This is definitely a record for the open minded. Sunn O))) have made some incredible records over the years and I believe there is a lot to take away from what they do. Although I wouldn’t suggest new listeners go straight here, this is is still a sterling example of drone at its most primal and raw. ‘Pyroclasts‘ allows your head to be taken over and filled with pools of thick, warm washes of guitar driven noise and the result is glorious levels of transcendence

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