Label : Wewantsounds
Format : LP - Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2019
Genre : Pop Folk
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LP Deluxe Edition with 4p insert and OBI strip

One of the key Japanese albums of the 70s, 'Saravah!' was released in 1978 at a key time when, following his tenure with Sadistic Mika Band, Yukihiro Takahashi had just joined Yellow Magic Orchestra. A sophisticated mix of Disco Funk, synth Pop, Ambient, French Exotica and Bossa Nova, the album has the stylish feel of a night out clubbing in Paris circa 1978. It is the missing link between the City Pop scene of the late 70s and the synth sound of YMO which was about to revolutionise the world. Newly remastered by renowned engineer Mitsuo Koike.

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