• Brand: Raime
  • Product Code: Raime‎–Planted
Artist : Raime
Label : RR
Format : LP - Clear Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2019
  • EUR


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Limited to 500 copies in clear Vinyl. Includes an instant download. Comes with a double-sided wraparound banderoll

Raime strain at the harness in four cuttingly sharp mutations of Afrobeats, Footwork, and Jungle with scintillating results on the 2nd release on their RR imprint. RIYL Leonce, Kode 9, Lee Gamble!! Where the London duo’s 2018 EP and RR debut ‘We Can’t Be That Far From The Beginning’ evoked a meditative mood from the info overload of their home city that left acres of space to the imagination, the ‘Planted’ EP rejoins the dance with four tracks that icily acknowledge strong influence from Latin American and Chicago footwork styles in a classically skooled mutation of hardcore British dance music. In four fleetingly ambiguous dancefloor workouts they carry on a conceptual theme exploring the digital subconscious with persistently invasive, alien ambient shrapnel - half-heard voices, aleatoric prangs, and tag-covered signposts - woven into and thru their tightly coiled and reflexive drum programming.

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