Pop Nihilism

  • Brand: Afformance
  • Product Code: afformance-PopNihilism
Artist : Afformance
Label : United We Fly
Format : LP - Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2017
Genre : Post Rock Rock
  • EUR


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180gr Black Vinyl. With digital download code.

“Pop Nihilism” is –just like the title itself states- an ode to darkness and introversion, embraced by a pop texture, and this is no surprise, given the fact that Afformance was always intrigued by the expression of such feelings and mental states. Being multi-faceted, darkling and mellow, “Pop Nihilism” is influenced and driven by post rock, indie, ambient, modern and classic pop music, and can easily be considered as the most mature release to date by this impressively talented collective, from Athens, Greece.

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