Wild Blues

Label : Pseudonym
Format : LP - Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2013
Genre : Blues Rock
  • EUR


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2013 reissue. The gatefold sleeve features restored cover art, along with rare archival photos and liner notes. 2 bonus tracks have been added.

The first album of John the Revelator released by Phonogram in 1970. Recorded at the Phonogram Studio in Hilversum, Holland. Produced by Tony Vos, engineered and mixed by Gerard Beckers. This CD-reissue was released in 2003 by Pseudonym Records and contains 6 bonus tracks, a.o. the single that the band recorded with producer Hans van Hemert with a B and C-side: Rockin' Squirell/ One track mind. The single was never released as the company considered it not to be commercial.

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