A La Memoria Del Muerto

  • Brand: Fruko
  • Product Code: Fruko–ALaMemoriaDelMuerto
Artist : Fruko
Label : Vampi Soul
Format : LP - Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2017
Genre : World Music Funk
  • EUR


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2017 Reissue in 180 gram vinyl with One extra track to the original release

First ever reissue of “A la memoria del muerto” (1972), Fruko y sus Tesos’ second album, featuring the soaring and soulful vocals of Cali native Edulfamid Molina Díaz, aka “Píper Pimienta”. Produced by Fruko’s uncle Mario “Pachanga” Rincón, the LP has an uncompromisingly stark, hard sound that is appealing to today’s collectors of ‘salsa brava’ just as it was impactful on the Colombian scene when it was made. Unlike the first Tesos album, with a two-trumpet line-up and fairly simple arrangements, this more mature recording added another trumpet and two trombones for a more robust brass attack. Additionally, instead of basic salsa, there are many different rhythms – guaguancó, bomba, plena, oriza, bolero, cha-cha-chá, descarga and Latin soul. Includes the bonus track ‘Tihuanaco’ (a cover of Peruvian pianist Alfredito Linares), which appeared on the US edition of the LP.

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