Mark Hollis

  • Brand: Mark Hollis
  • Product Code: markhollis-markhollis
Artist : Mark Hollis
Label : Polydor Records
Format : LP - Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2019
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A genuine 'lost classic' reissued on heavyweight vinyl, re-mastered at Abbey Road Original artwork – printed inner sleeve, lyrics and credits. Includes download card
The most affecting thing about this collection of songs is their sense of intimacy. Prior to the album’s release, Hollis remarked that it “isn’t suited to play live,” but listening to Mark Hollis — more than any other record I can think of — feels like sitting in the studio as it’s coming together. (You can hear Hollis’ chair creak on some of the songs.) And while Hollis worked with nearly as many backing musicians on this album as he did on Talk Talk’s final two albums, there are times on Mark Hollis where it feels like its creator is alone, conjuring sounds. And then there are times where it feels like Hollis himself is not there, disappearing into the silence from whence he came.

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