Population II

Artist : Randy Holden
Label : Klimt
Format : LP - Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2018
Genre : Psychedelic Rock
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Unofficial Reissue on Klimt Records. Black Vinyl

Population II is the first solo album by Randy Holden and ultimately the only solo project under the name Population II with Chris Lockheed. Released in 1970 via Hobbit Records unknown to Holden's knowledge it gained a significant cult following for fans of garage rock, proto-metal and Blue Cheer. The original pressing also garners a high value in a similar vein to proto-metal/hard rock rarities like Growers of Mushroom by Leaf Hound for example. The album's sound is a slower, heavier psychedelic as compared to Blue Cheer or other bands at the time, resembling a precursor to doom metal and grunge and a significant prototype of the "power duo" style of bands in doom and sludge like Jucifer, Beast In The Field, Bell Witch, Bismuth, Dirtbag, Conan and Om among others.

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